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    Why a BLOG.....? I have a BLOG connected at my personal website because of the technique behind and to learn how a BLOG works. Also to make my personal website complete and important for myself to vent my heart and share what I often think or what is in my mind. To start a discussion useful or not, to bring to light things that keep me busy, and so on

    Via my personal BLOG you'll find both sensible and nonsensical cases. Just about a topic of your depreciation may well be a relief and you too can participate in a discussion if you want or give your opinion.

    You prefer a face to face conversation with Mike? you are most welcoming a while to sit down with a nice cup of coffee or a drink. Feel free to contact me or better still come along.Mike is a real Bourgondier and loves good food a chat and love among people where mutual respect is paramount. My door is also open for you. Want to know what all is on my BLOG? click the ORANGE-button

    Go to my BLOG....

    A beautiful song: I'm your man - Sung by Leonard Cohen:

    If you have any further questions or comments I really like to hear this from you so drop me a line. With cordial greetings and maybe we'll meet.


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