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    In commissioned I do build websites regularly. A wonderful activity, where I find back my energy and creativity. I also find it very nice to help people, companies and / or organizations TOGETHER to put them on the right track. I build also this website you are visiting now. This is my private website. Together with my dear wife we regularly do a job (read PROJECT) picked up where satisfactorily can be looked back. For each project to build a website for the donors and committed people than on a daily basis can keep abreast of developments. Using the lower figure you arrive at PROJECTS. Below you will find a small overview. Click on the image of your choice and you visit the website automatically I built. Do you have any questions and / or comments please drop me a line. you will find all the necessary info via CONTACT

      Ongse Droom
      Vakantiehuisje Bonmarie
      Kraamzorg "De Paddestoel"
      Salders Motoren Luttelgeest
      Stichting Adonai Emmeloord
      Kennel Evulon's Luttelgeest
      Wandelshop Legi Outdoor
      Alle websites van de gedane projecten

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