Inge van de Beek

  • Inge van de Beek

    Hi, I'm Inge and born and raised in the west of the Netherlands in the shadow of the famous port city of Rotterdam. In 2000 I came to the polder and now after more than 12.5 years interwoven with the polder people.

    The space, the people and my work make me feel at home here.

  • I work at a post office in the Netherlands for a number of hours per week and have giant enjoying myself. I'm enjoying the rest of the time with my garden, plants and creative hobbies.
  • Hulp aan andere

    I am also a volunteer for the Red Cross in the TRACING-Team Division. I am looking for lost family contacts all over the world to bring these people back together. Sometimes you have very sad moments but also very fine highlights when family members meet again and drop in each other's arms which is a rewarding feeling and gives an incentive to continue with this kind of "work". I have over 10 years along with Mike pretty aid projects done with all the volunteers and donors could help people over a large part of the world.

  • I'm happily married with Mike and enjoy also the company of our pets. Three dogs, three cats and three birds.

  • Various

    Visiting far and sunny countries is for me absolutly not a punishment. Together with Mike, I have been visiting many countries, which I have great memories.

    My contribution to our church congregation consists of translating the Gospel songs in English and French for foreigners who often visit our church from the asylum center.

  • Are you in our neighborhood ......? Drop me a line if you like a real nice cup of coffee of for a chat. Our cottage is a welcoming house where you are warmly welcome.

    With a warm and cordial greetings.


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