Mike van de Beek

  • Nederland / Canada:

    I was very young when I came with my parents who born in the Netherlands to Netherlands. Therefore I feel myself more a Dutchman than a Canadian. I am still a few times back for vacation, work and projects but no further binding.

    In the Netherlands I grew up in the middle of the Veluwe. At a very young age I was living on my own and provided myself in my living. Meanwhile moved many times and seen a lot of Netherlands. Because I was born in Canada, I am in possession of two passports (Dutch / Canadian) which absolutely has its advantages if you stay in or travel true Eastern Europe.

  • crossing borders

    Beyond the borders of the Netherlands I was often found. Eastern Europe, North and South Africa, South America and Western Europe, of course, I crossed because of my work, holidays and / or aid projects. I am blessed with good health which gave the opportunity to do all this. I have a happy disposition and see a solution in almost all. I pick things up quickly, learn easy as I bet me to do and have always had the intention when you start something even finish it completely and do it well. Via the button PROJECTEN you find overview of various projects that have brought me to various countries or click on Via the button Holidays and Travel you find under HOBBY.

  • Gypsy Feelings:

    Meanwhile moved many times and seen many of the Netherlands, Europe and the world. The feeling to look beyond the horizon remains albeit to a lesser extent than previously. The adventure, freedom, the outdoors and never see the same area I feel happy in. Things to do with motor and minicamp see: HOBBY is something I really likes to do. With as little as possible on the road and then handle yourself. With respect and sometimes a healthy feeling jealous I look at our fellow human beings the gypsies. I am convinced that I would feel me there. Much at home

  • Familie:

    I'm happily married to Inge my dear wife. We live in a lovely cozy and welcoming home in Marknesse where you are warmly welcome.

    I am also proud father of two lovely daughters (Angelique and Marisca) and now Grandpa two sweet little children (Wessel and Suze.

    Here I asked my darling to marry me.

  • Diploma's:

    All certifications, diplomas and degrees I obtained in the evenings after my daily labor. A complete overview about my work and papers obtained can be found through my LinkedIN account (see Social Media) or via de button Profession.

  • My Motorcycle:

    Besides my daily work I am a dyed motorcyclist (just look at my hobbies) I can do what I really like. I am blessed with a wonderful motorbike which I am very happy with and also very careful with. What I ride right now you can see via de button HOBBY.

  • Sometimes I offer some for sale or I ask something for Sale. That can be found via the button SALE.Will you continue to follow me? please look at the social media and join. I use various multimedia. Or .... yes, recently I also own a BLOG.You can read it or communicate with it. Leave a message in my personal Guestbook. also belongs to the possibilities.

  • Well .... that was just at a glance. Thanks for your interest and if you have questions or comments just drop me a line.

    Leaves me nothing else than to wish if you continue this website to see and read, you enjoy reading. I wish you sincerely GODS blessings, health and a good day.

    with a cordial and warm greeting.


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