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My profession is diverse. Partly due to the circumstances, and because I am very eager to learn and want to know a lot. Plus partly because I have not lazy creature on my back, either I take everything. I also find it helpful, not to put anything in on one horse as they say. Over the years, has come up that I'm the best at my place as a projectleader, projectmanager or facility manager or employee.

Do Planning, organizing, record, documentation, networking, managing people, whether professional or voluntary it does not matter, is in my blood. I feel like a fish in water in this type of work. Dealing with people, help my fellow man and always want to know what's behind the eyes of the other person in frotn of me. How do I further think and how I am further......? Click on the picture above and then read the text below. My personal challenge lies in the word TOGETHER. TOGETHER shoulders to the wheel and then TOGETHER get the challenge and make that planned goal. This kind of work makes me happy and also the people with whom I work. And, such as Confucius once said; "Choose a job you love and and you will never have to work".

It will therefore always a desire to be and remain for a company, organization, foundation or association to give myself completely. Therefore working is for me a kind of a hobby, I believe with respect that I will die in my harness. A retirement age I do not believe in for myself. Therefore my motto is: "The ultimate goals are not driven by money or wealth, but are driven by a combination of common sense, no-nonsense attitude and recognition of each other's qualities and abilities".

Via the Download-page you can download my CV in Dutch and English.

If you have any questions or comments, or you have an idea or tip, please drop a line via CONTACT. Thank you very much for your time and have a nice day

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