• Religie of RELATIE

    Religion of RELATION.....? Long has kept me busy this. For me personally, I now understand the difference. It is not a Religion but a RELATIONSHIP And, in a relationship ....... you put your time and energy and you have to maintain a relationship. This is also one of the so-called patches that I carry on my motorcycle clothing. CLICK HERE

    I am brought up in a wonderful family where the parents have done their best to bring us the Christian values ​​in their own way. And I'm on them today thankful for. Looking back, I had a best ever questioned. Then I remember that there is no written manual for raising children. They have done their best and that is what is important.

    "Examine all things, and keep the good" is written in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 that wonderfull book with the name BIBLE and what is still so incredibly topical after all these years. A miracle in itself.

    For me personally, it is not important what kind of name is above the door of a church or invited shelf. For me, the relationship with theFATHER is important. "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but by Me" says LORD JESUS in Johannes 14:6. It is the GRACE given by GOD itself. I feel at home where the truth is preached.


    If you sincerely make the choice to come to believe in the Bible, then you are going to believe in Jesus . And if you're in Jesus believe you believe in the Message of Salvation, as written in John 3: 16-18 summary. And if you really believe in HIM then you go on your knees and can not and does not want you to Jesus go! That about says the Bible: Your faith is a gift of the Holy Spirit working in your own! Here you have the specific application of FAITH by the Holy Spirit in a Christian: It is a gift of GOD !
    And by faith in the Lamb is the sinner justified before God

    In 2010 I Huddersfield - England undergo adult baptism. A day never to forget. Special, really special. An inexplicable urge, and I had to do it. An incredible peace there from that time in my heart. Also temptations as well. That is satan who is trying to do his best. My best friend Date de Witte and Jaap Dijkema have been able to baptize me. That was also very special. Click on image for more photos via Facebook.

    Is it now that I'm perfect ....? ABSOLUTELY not. I am and remain a human. I still make mistakes and have flaws. Still, I can believe that I can always go back to the FATHER to ask HIM for the things I do wrong forgiveness. But ...... in Proverbs 28:13 is a beautiful promises " who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy." I do my best to be as a Christian through life. This is done by fall down and making mistakes. I expect it all from HIM and that gives real wealth. I have learned that I can convince the world that this is the true faith. But I can testify by my voice and way of life. I will try with love in my heard to be ready for those who need help. Whether this is on a material level, or as a listening ear. TOGETHER go through life. Again, this is again described so beautiful, " Bear one another's burdens ." Galatians 6: 2. And this wealth I want to share with anyone who wants to hear. The richest possession that a man can think of. It is mind blowing.

    My way to spread out this rich message is to go out with my bike. I'll go out to the bikerpeople. Just by who I am. More about this can be read on the page On the road / visiting bikerrallies or being an helping hand by an organization such as Naar House or assist by loving involvement my fellow man : Projects. NOTE: We can not earning this wealth. It is pure grace, and it is totally FREE. So how well I do my best and I miss the love of CHRIST I have nothing. This RELATIONSHIP I want to recommend you wholeheartedly.

    Would you like to talk about this? that's no problem. Send an email or call me. Arriving at my house also belongs to the possibilities. Coffee, tea or a drink and it will work itself out. The door is also open for you.

    With cordial greetings and maybe we'll meet.


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